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Taitung Hospital

Taitung Hospital
slogan:Constructing sustainable whole-person care / Protecting the health of the local people / Implementing health care policies / Become a model of pubic medical system
All Health Education Information list
Title Click Times
膝關節的保健[Rehabilitation Division] 193
認識下背痛[Rehabilitation Division] 207
鞋墊新知[Rehabilitation Division] 322
復健科衛教拉筋運動[Rehabilitation Division] 368
千里之行始於足下--------淺談足部重要[Rehabilitation Division] 381
【衛教資料】如何維持曼妙身材[Rehabilitation Division] 796
何謂復健住院服務?[Rehabilitation Division] 854
『骨骼肌肉軟組織超音波』~在復健科的運用[Rehabilitation Division] 1630
【衛教資料】身體正確姿勢衛教[Rehabilitation Division] 950
【身心障礙】復康巴士申請相關資訊[Rehabilitation Division] 844
【長期照護衛教】系列(一)---照顧者教育(1)[Rehabilitation Division] 770
【長期照護衛教】系列(一)---照顧者教育(2)[Rehabilitation Division] 634
健康運動操[Rehabilitation Division] 891
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