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Taitung Hospital

Taitung Hospital
slogan:Constructing sustainable whole-person care / Protecting the health of the local people / Implementing health care policies / Become a model of pubic medical system
All Health Education Information list
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肝硬化生活須知[Emergency Division] 738
感冒自主健康管理衛教單張[Emergency Division] 1157
背部或頸部受傷注意事項[Emergency Division] 766
上腸胃道出血注意事項[Emergency Division] 786
泌尿道感染[Emergency Division] 574
小兒發燒[Emergency Division] 511
成人發燒之處理[Emergency Division] 2353
痛風日常生活注意事項[Emergency Division] 527
頭部外傷[Emergency Division] 669
傷口縫合注意事項[Emergency Division] 723
傷口護理[Emergency Division] 775
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