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Taitung Hospital

Taitung Hospital
slogan:Constructing sustainable whole-person care / Protecting the health of the local people / Implementing health care policies / Become a model of pubic medical system
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台東地區背景輻射:0.054(μSv/h)[Radiation Division] 485
台東地區背景輻射:0.055(μSv/h)[Radiation Division] 218
台東地區背景輻射:0.051(μSv/h)[Radiation Division] 313
輻射對健康的影響[Radiation Division] 332
基本輻射知識-天然輻射[Radiation Division] 271
肝臟超音波檢查[Radiation Division] 1415
骨質密度(Bone Mass Density)基本介紹[Radiation Division] 1610
生活環境中的游離輻射[Radiation Division] 711
什麼是輻射?[Radiation Division] 800
核能知識-放射線與人體[Radiation Division] 762
靜脈注射泌尿系統檢查 (Intravenous P...[Radiation Division] 879
婦科子宮輸卵管攝影(Hysterosalpingo...[Radiation Division] 1717
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