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Taitung Hospital

Taitung Hospital
slogan:Constructing sustainable whole-person care / Protecting the health of the local people / Implementing health care policies / Become a model of pubic medical system
All Health Education Information list
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這四種飲料不能配藥吃[Pharmacy Department] 833
痠痛貼布貼越久越有效,這是真的嗎?[Pharmacy Department] 693
ADR- Brosym (Cefoperazone...[Pharmacy Department] 1716
ADR- Curam (amoxycillin +...[Pharmacy Department] 1568
ADR- Saxagliptin 及aloglip...[Pharmacy Department] 822
ADR- Panho (Pantoprazole)...[Pharmacy Department] 1357
ADR- Kop (Ketorolac 30mg)...[Pharmacy Department] 1134
ADR- Buscopan (Hyoscine-N...[Pharmacy Department] 1131
ADR- Amiorone (Amiodaron...[Pharmacy Department] 1186
ADR- 抗生素 Ciproxin (ciprof...[Pharmacy Department] 2555
ADR- 非類固醇消炎止痛劑 Kop (Ketor...[Pharmacy Department] 976
ADR- Purfen (Ibuprofen) 4...[Pharmacy Department] 1568
ADR- Invanz (Ertapenem 1g...[Pharmacy Department] 1524
ADR- Harnalidge (Tamsulos...[Pharmacy Department] 1754
ADR- Lyrica (Pregabalin) ...[Pharmacy Department] 1137
ADR - 104-105年度季節性流感疫苗不良事...[Pharmacy Department] 852
ADR- Tonful (Carisoprodol...[Pharmacy Department] 1923
ADR - 降膽固醇藥品之安全資訊[Pharmacy Department] 633
ADR- Ofcin (ofloxacin) 20...[Pharmacy Department] 1501
ADR- 非類固醇消炎止痛劑Keto (Ketor...[Pharmacy Department] 1209
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